WHat is Powtoon App?

Powtoon is Web-based animation software that allows users to create animated presentations by manipulating pre-created objects, imported images, provided music and user-created voice-overs.Powtoon uses an Apache flex engine to generate an XML file that can be played in the Powtoon online viewer, exported to YouTube or downloaded as an MP4 file.

 So Basically it is  Animated vedios cresting app which is so popular these days as people are not using powtoon only as video creating app but also for their business i many ways as users are more attracted with animated kind of things so companie screate well designed tem.plates for thweir products.

 In this way Powtoon app has become the bestway to make animated videos, templates etc. You can easily learn these all steps of video making on powtoon by joining digital marketing course at one of best institute in new delhi Rajouri garden


USES oF powtoon:

Powtoon is used for making various marketing videos which are:

Powtoon app is used for Creating Well desinged templates and vedios in field of marketing too. AS many of Digital marketer who works for different company as a digital marketing strategist they make animated vedios for the company”s product and services. Even small bloggers or a new website maker in order to make his or her content catchy  uses powtoon app. Learn some more benefits of Digtal marketing .

2. Health and fitness

POwtoon also a playbig rpole in creating well desgined templates and vidseos for Health and fitness contents. As user  can make good use of powtoon to make their website  catchy  and more effective. As templates  made with powtoon attracts more no. of users.

3. Fashion

This amazing app full  of features is also used worldwide for making fashion animated vedios. As nowadays their is big demand of animation and powtoon is providing a great source of earning to users to create vedios and sell out them. It is a company which sells cloud-based software for creating animated presentations and animated explainer videos. 

4. Food

Even in the field of food and drinks powtoon is very helpful in making videos which look so amazing .Animated videos on food and beverages help to engage more no. of users.

5. Real Estate

Powtoon has also  became an business emerging app as it used in many  business small scale as well as large scale .Even many real estate companies use their animated templates. In this way Powtoon has become a great platform  for users to promote their business in variant fields Like Medical, Beauty and Care,Pets etc. Powtoon being a great video animating app has provided earnings to many users same as instagram an earning app.

History Of POwtoon


Powtoon was established in January 2012, after a $180k seed round interest in December 2011.The organization discharged a beta form in August 2012 and has seen quick supporter development since. In December 2012 Powtoon verified $600,000 speculation from Los Angeles-based funding firm Startup Minds.

In February 2013 Powtoon presented a free record choice enabling clients to make vivified recordings that can be sent out to YouTube. The free recordings incorporate the Powtoon marking

Con’s And Pro’s


1. Software is cloud based and simple to agree to accept the beta adaptation.

2. There is the alternative to join and with where you pay an expense and are allowed numerous wonderful apparatuses to make a shockingly better introduction, for example, more kid’s shows, pictures and music.

3. Many supportive YouTube how to recordings make it easy to begin utilizing.

4.The characters and kid’s shows are differing and there are such huge numbers of to look over, even in the Beta adaptation.

5. The movements and cunning, advances make it exceptionally enjoyable to watch and keep the watcher locked in.

6. The connection to the introduction is accessible on the web and once you have finished your work, you submit it, and a youtube interface is sent to your PC by means of email, (this took a little more than 60 minutes) which was then simple for me to insert on my blog.


1. Because the software was cloud based I found that the worst thing was my presentation became very buddy the bigger it got.

2. It used a lot of CPU power and my computer would heat up and start to lag as I was typing, making it so I had to type very slowly or letters would be missing in my sentences.
3. Another bug was manipulating images and text also became tedious as the computer would often not register when I clicked on an object.

4. I would have to click different object and go back to the object I would wanted before it would allow me to click it.
5. Because of the bugs the presentation took me a lot longer than I had anticipated and it did become frustrating at times.


Powtoon nowadays is getting great no. opf users and it has also arrivedeith some new features which are really helpful. Today this app has become the most valualble app in animated video making templates etc. Along with designed templates it also enables the user to use it its own creativity.One should know about each and every tool of marketing wheather it is designing or animation.

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