What is fiverr india?

Fiverr india is basically a freelancing platform for indian freelancers where they show their skills and get work online and get paid for doing that work. Indian freelancers are earning a great amount of money by providing their services online. freelancers gigs start from $5 and you can list your services in which you are good at.Digital marketing provides you the best way to earn from fever and it provides great knowledge of services provided on fiverr  for this join best digital marketing institute in new delhi Koderey techstack.

How to make an accout at fiverr india ?

fiverr india account

steps for making account on Fiverr India

  1. First of all go visit on google at fiverr india.com
  2. Give your basic details about name and schooling.
  3. Link you facebook or google account
  4. Provide your services which you want to provide to your customer
  5. Add your skills
  6.  Verifiy your account on social plateforms you are avaliable at facebook, linkedin,google etc
  7. Now you are ready to set a Gig
  8. After all the overview  give your scope and pricing according to 3 packages available Basic,Standard ,Premium
  9. Give your basic requirements ,your galleries and than publish.

How to make money on fiverr India?

  • You create an account on Fiverr, this is absolutely free.
  • List the service/product you want to sell. This listing is referred to as ‘Gig’, it contains all the details of what product or service you would like to offer, how will the buyer receive it, how many days will it take you to process a order and much more.
  • Make your Gig live, and wait for your 1st order to come.
  • Once you receive an order, you can communicate with the buyer, via Fiverr. If you want any clarification ask for the same from the buyer. Once this is done, you need to start processing the order. Get it completed and send it to the buyer
  • Once the buyer receives and approves his order, your order is marked as complete, and Fiverr will credit your payment into your account.
  • 14 days after your order has been marked as complete, you can withdraw the funds from your Fiverr account, into your account.

No. of services available on fiverr India

1. Make a video Testimonial

If you look presentable and can speak professionally in front of a camera, you should offer video testimonials. This type of gig is constantly one of Fiverr’s top sellers.

2. Write a Review

If you are a fast writer and can knock out a 400 word review in less than 12 or 10 minutes, this can be a great gig to offer. People are always in need of reviews since consumers often buy products or services after reading a review

3. Design Flyers

As the online entrepreneurship boom continues to grow, the needs for graphic design has increased exponentially.

4. Take pictures with signs

One of the easiest ways to make money off Fiverr is to take a picture of you holding up a sign standing next to a landmark in your area.

5. Design Business cards

One of the easiest ways to make money off Fiverr is to take a picture of you holding up a sign standing next to a landmark in your area.

6. Offer e-books or reports

Most of the services on Fiverr require that you work on a custom job for you to get paid. In other words, the client sends you specifications and you produce fresh materials based on those specifications. One of my most favorite ways of making money online turns that business model on its head. Instead of you working on new materials for every $5 order that comes your way, you can instead write a book or report once and sell it again and again to different customers. As long as you clearly spell out that you’re not selling resale rights to your work and that you retain all copyright, you should be good to go.

7. Offer Social media services

It is not a surprise that a huge chunk of services offered on Fiverr involve Twitter posts, Facebook promotions, or Google Plus promotions. People are desperate to get traffic to their websites and they don’t mind paying $5 to drive traffic to their web pages. In order to learn more social media services online Digital marketing is best opportunity  


8. Write quickly and get paid

If you are able to write very quickly, you can get paid handsomely. Seriously. If you are able to knock out 400 words in 12 minutes or less, you can rack up a base rate of $25 per hour. Not too shabby. The key is to write high quality materials so your buyers will keep coming back.

9. Use marketing software to get paid

There are all sorts of traffic generation software that you can use for a few minutes to promote clients’ sites. If the software doesn’t take much work to set up, you can make $5 for as little as a minute. That leads to a gross rate of $300 an hour. You can easily learn all these methods of earning on fiver by joining best digital marketing course at koderey techstack in new delhi

Cos And prons of fiverr India 

Fiverr Cons

  • Clean and clear website design, easy to navigate, easy to use
  • Clear and easy to understand concept
  • Active and fun community with supportive forum
  • Make money doing something you love

Fiverr pros

  • 20% revenue sharing with Fiverr, that’s a pretty big fee for them to host your services, other sites do it for less
  • Limited ways to get paid, mostly relies on Paypal with additional fees
  • 14 day hold time on funds
  • Automatically accepts jobs, limited control for sellers

People who makes six figures on fiverr

  1. Charmaine pocek  41, Houston, resume writer, career consultant and recruiter, $38,000-$48,000 a month

I started using Fiverr in 2011, when I was a full-time corporate recruiter and my husband and I were saving up for an adoption. I love writing resumes and was already doing it, and I thought this might be a great way to make extra money.

When I started, I had zero feedback and referrals after my name, so I was doing resume revamps for $5. If it was an executive resume, it was extra. My prices then were probably 10% of what they are now — like $15 per gig. On average, I was making — I was still working full-time — so maybe $10-$15 an hour.

                    2.Levi newman 36, Columbia, Missouri, copywriter, $10,000-$15,000 a month After 10 years in the Army and writing for a real estate company that focused solely on Veterans Affairs loans, I decided I wanted out of writing strictly about veterans and so I started freelancing. The first year, I made $35,000, just from odds and ends stuff. Then, on Christmas 2014, I stumbled onto Fiverr. I didn’t mean for it to be anything more than a couple bucks here and there. I thought, I’ll buy some video games, take the kids to the zoo.

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